An Open Challenge – Drink 1 Cup Of This Daily For 7 Days And Check Your Weight On 8th Day

The reason why many people find it impossible to lose weight is because their metabolism has slowed down due to unhealthy habits. Therefore,what needs to be done is to detoxify your system clean the body and you’ll see the results in a very short period of time.

In today’s article we present to you an ancient remedy that has been used since long time ago, by people who wanted to lose weight. It is suprising that is still so effective and in many parts of the planet is still quite popular.

What you need

– Cumin seeds (Normally that we use in our dishes)
– Water

Preparation and use:

Simply add the cumin seeds in a glass of water and leave them overnight. When you wake up in the morning, just boil the mixture filter it and drink it. Make sure you consume it on an empty stomach, half an hour before your breakfast.

After one week time the results will be vivid and you’ll be surprised how effective this simple method is. Moreover, you will feel more fresh and energies during the day. The cumin seeds will boost the digestion process and improve your immune system as numerous other benefits from this simple seeds.

Source: Fit And Healthy 24

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