An Open Challenge – Drink 1 Cup Of This Daily For 7 Days And Check Your Weight On 7th Day

In today’s article we present to you a simple natural remedy that will boost the work of your metabolism and help you in the process of losing weight.

This remedy is so effective that it will provide vivid results in a seven days time period.

Here’s how to prepare it:


1 tablespoon of cumin seeds
1 cup of water


The preparation method is very simple, you just need to place the cumin seeds in water overnight, and in the morning boil the mixture and after it starts to boil remove it from the heat and leave it to cool off.

Strain the liquid from the mixture and consume it in the morning on an empty stomach. DO not eat anything in the next 45 minutes after you consume this mixture.

Repeat the process for 7 days and you will be amazed by the results!

Furthermore, for best results we recommend you to avoid any junk foods, sweets, alcohol etc. Also, exercising 30 minutes a day can make a great difference when it comes to weight loss. It doesn’t have to be a fancy gym but you can do it in the comfort of your home or in nature.

Source: Fit And Healthy 24

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