The One Thing Men Want More Than S*x

Everyone thinks all men want is s*x. However, as we age, most of us realize this is not true at all. S*x is an amazing thing at any age, however something is more important to men, but they don’t want to admit it.

S*x is the main theme in many discussions when guys talk. Everyone wants to brag how much he’s been successful in his s*xual encounters, however if you’ve been talking to really good friends who know you, you just want to be honest. You don’t talk only about the success, but also the confusion, failures, fears and questions you have about it.

The One Thing Men Want More Than Sx

It’s stereotypical for men to want lots of s*x. If he doesn’t, people think something’s wrong with him, especially women, and consider him not manly enough. So, wanting s*x all the time is considered manly by most people.

In today’s world, women appreciate the jerk more than the guy who wants something more than s*x, since he’s “weak”.

There is a saying, “women need to feel loved to have s*x, but men need to have s*x to feel loved.” S*x is really pleasurable, however there’s something more behind it.

Since we as men compete with each other, so we can have the best women out there, many times we put on acts to show how manly we are. This brings us closer to being chosen by the most desirable women.

Since we are kids, we learn that approaching females is really risky. If you stepped up and the girl rejected you, you were in hell. If not, you were on top of the world. So, as we become adults, we experience a lot of rejection.

We just want to be ourselves and not put on masks in order to be chosen by the girl. We just want to be seen for who we are and still wanted that way.

As we said, wanting s*x all the time is considered manly, so we have to put that act on. What we really want is to open ourselves up, relax and just be ourselves and have the partner take care of us.

However, admitting this will make you opposite of manly, boyish, and females will consider you unattractive. So, it’s better to have a mask on than be unwanted.

However, although it’s difficult for us as men to ask for this (someone to nurture, touch and hold u), it’s difficult for females to perform the same.

Why is this?

Well, women consider men who don’t always want s*x not to be manly, which means he’s not attractive enough. Also, they get the feeling that he’s a little boy, so another big minus for the attraction for him. And men who aren’t manly are potentially the most dangerous, since they are passive-aggressive, so they are scary for women.

So, if you want your relationship to progress, you need to open up as a man and tell your partner how you feel, but she also needs to accept you and have the strength to perform this.

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