One Exercise, 4 Minutes – 28 Days, New Body

In order to have a healthy and fit body working out is essential. However many people have a busy life schedule and don’t have much time to go to the gym.

If you are one of those people then you should decently try this simple and effective exercise. We are talking about planks. This exercise proses great results in only 28 days period of time.

It will strengthen your arm, leg and buttock muscles and melts the excess fat better than any other exercise!

It is a simple exercise that you can do it at your home.


This challenge is 4 weeks long and it starts with 20 seconds time then gradually building to 4-minutes.


Day 1 & 2: 20 seconds

Day 3& 4: 30 seconds

Day 5: Increase to 40 seconds

Day 6: Take rest

Day 7 & 8: Start with 45 seconds

Day 9,10 & 11: 60 seconds

Day 12: Increase to 90 seconds

Day 13: Take rest

Day 14 & 15: Again begin with 90 seconds

Day 16 & 17: 120 seconds

Day 18: Increase to 150 seconds

Day 19: Take rest

Day 20 & 21: 150 seconds

Day 22 & 23: 180 seconds

Day 24: 210 seconds

Day 25: Take rest

Day 26: Again begin with 210 seconds

Day 27: Increase to 240 seconds

Day 28: As long as possible for you

After you finish the plank challenge you will be amazed by the results.


Also, have it in mind that you need to drink plenty of water and avoid any junk foods and sodas as they are number one enemy to a healthy body.

Source: Fit And Healthy 24


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