This Oil Stops Cancer Growth, According To Research

It’s estimated that every year around 8.2 million people die of cancer and 14 million new people develop it. According to experts, this number is about to increase in the next 20 years by up to 70%. This is really scary, since everyone is under danger!

There are huge efforts to find a cure for this deadly disease, however despite all the studies and surveys, there is no cure found yet. However, there are some amazing natural remedies that aren’t accepted by the cancer industry and pharmaceutical companies, but many people report amazing results with them. One of these remedies is using cannabis oil.

This Oil Stops Cancer Growth

At the University in Madrid, a team of researchers conducted a study which showed the great effect cannabis has on malignant brain cancer. The study proved that cannabinoids from cannabis eliminate cancer cells and improve the patient’s immune system. However, the best thing is that it doesn’t affect the healthy cells in any way. The study was observed on more types of cancer, like breast, pancreas, prostate cancer and leukemia.

This research was published in a PMS journal in 2010 named “Cannabinoids reduce ErbB2-driven breast cancer progression through Akt inhibition.”

However, just a couple of countries gave this new treatment a try. Also, there was a study conducted in 1974 which was published in the Journal of the National cancer institute which involved mice who consumed cannabis oil and their lung cancer cells were eliminated.

In 1998 Dr. Manuel Guzman conducted a study which was later published in the journal Nature Medicine in 2002. In it, he examined the cell apoptosis provoked by cannaboids. Here he explained how cannabis destroys malignant brain cells and why this happens.

Here are some more properties from cannabis that are very beneficial for our health:

– Aches and pains are soothed by it

If you feel pain in some areas, you can use cannabis oil to alleviate it. It has been used with this purpose for hundreds of years and relieve inflammation as well.

– Treats anxiety

When you consume cannabis oil, your mind becomes relaxed and pressure is released. The stress levels are reduced and you feel more calm.

– Using cannabis oil to treat cancer

It’s estimated that around 60 grams of cannabis oil are enough to eliminate most types of cancers. The treatment is done for 3 months with taking 60 grams daily.

First, take 3 doses of it a day. After 1 week, double the dose and double it again on every 4 days until it reaches 1 ml a day. Continue taking it until you cure the cancer.

Source: Healthy Food House

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