The New Drug They Use In Discotheques To RAPE Women. URGENT, Share This News!

It seems that rape around the world hasn’t stopped, moreover the numbers of rape victims go up by the day. The social media can be recognized as one of the problems. The rapist, which many of them are pedophile rapist, can find their victims on the social media sites.

This has been the case for a few years back and it seems that the police are sometimes helpless in some situations. Furthermore, now there is a much bigger threat who don’t even want to meet stranger’s trough sites. We are talking about a drug which is sold online and can be found on the social media sites as well. This drug has been used in most of the cases in discotheques and girls are being taken advantage of. The internet is flooded with information about this drug.

The name of this extremely powerful drug is called “Viola Easy.”

If you’re regularly in the discos, or you have children who do so, please warn them about this great danger.
Specialists and investigators have given the alarm signal by a new drug used to rape. It is important to stay informed and to warn our children about it.

This new drug makes the victim lose track of time, space and even will!

What is “Easy Viola”?
Other names for this dangerous drug are “Rape dating” or “party drug”. In the chemistry is known as Gamma- hydroxybutyrate (GHB).

It can be presented in powder, liquid or pill and it has no smell or taste. This is why is very undetectable in the clubs.

There is a certain form of GHB that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is the sodium oxybate formula. It can be only sold with a prescription and is used by the people who suffer from narcolepsy. Certain compounds of this prescription pill are taken off and it doesn’t give the dangerous side effects as the illegal one.

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