If You Have Mold in Your Bathroom, Try These Natural Methods Before Calling in an Expert

Mold is an annoying appearance that is caused by bacteria and it is characteristic of the wet environment inside our bathrooms. There are some cheap and effective ways to get rid of it and we will reveal them to you today.

1. Scrub away

All you need is a decent scrub brush and some baking soda. Add some baking soda to the tiles leave it for about couple of hours and then spray with water. Take the scrub brush and use sharp back and forth movements to make sure you got rid of it for good. Make sure you don this often enough.

2. Open a window

After you have showered or have made the toilet wet open a window in order to keep the humidity under control. The dryness of your bathroom will guarantee that all of the bacteria are dying off and that mold will not appear soon.

3. Mix Up a Mold-Prohibiting Spray

There are two solutions that you can prepare and keep in your bathroom at any time and those are:

o  Vinegar solution: Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a clean spray bottle.
o  Tea tree oil solution: Mix 10 drops of tea tree oil into a clean spray bottle filled with water

Spray some of the solutions on your tiles and that’s it! No more mold! Try these today and see a huge difference.

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Source: Healthy Holistic Living | Naturally Savvy | Womans Day

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