A Military Diet Meal Plan to Lose up to 1 Pound in 3 Days

The three-day diet or military diet is a very strict diet regime and is very important to not adhere to what is prescribed in the term-of meal to constituents. Before you start this adventure it is important that you don’t suffer from any major condition and it is also recommended to consult your doctor before.

If you want to see results from this diet you have to stick by it till the very end and no cheating. In view of the fact that the functions of the principal chemical degradation, this does not apply the principle change of some of the constituents are different, as they may be the case of fails the entire effort.


Make sure you’re eating at the same time as suggested by the diet plan. After the three day period, you can start eating normally. While you’re on the diet it is important that you’re physically active as well. We recommend you to exercise at least half an hour a day.

First Day:

Breakfast: a half of grapefruit, a piece of toast with two spoons peanut butter, coffee or tea.
Lunch: a half of slice of tuna, a piece of toast, coffee or tea.
Dinner: 80 grams of any of lean meat or chicken, salt, pea, banana half, a small apple and slice of vanilla ice cream.

Second Day:

Breakfast: egg, half a banana, a piece of toast.
Lunch: hard-boiled egg, and five salted crackers.
Dinner: two hot dogs (without bread), salt, broccoli, half of the slice grated carrot, a half of banana and half of the slice of vanilla ice cream.

Third Day:

Breakfast: coffee or tea with one or two spoons of sugar, five salted crackers, 25 grams cheese and one little apple.
Lunch: hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast.
Dinner: a slice of tuna, a half of banana and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Consume water much as you can so you also flush out all the toxins from the body.

Source: Better Me

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