We All Make A Big Mistake When Putting A Watermelon In The Fridge – We Are Not Even Aware Of How Dangerous It Can Be!

We do this almost without thinking, and it can be harmful to our health. The first thing that all people do is cover the watermelon with a plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator, and they don’t even know how bad it can be for their health.

However, inside the pallet film, there are chemicals that can contaminate the food that should be kept fresh.

As studies have shown, this contamination can affect things such as blood pressure and reproductive health.

In this case, if you have covered the watermelon with a plastic wrap, but you have not put it in the refrigerator, or you just removed it and just left it like that, it could further make things worse because heat influences fasten the process of food contamination.

But this is not all, the plastic film that covers the watermelon also raises its temperature and is able to create an environment pleasant for the development of numerous bacteria – especially if the cooling of the refrigerator is not set to the maximum because the watermelon is rich in sugar that helps the reproduction of bacteria.

Another big mistake is putting several layers of plastic wrap in order to keep the watermelon fresh for longer because this increases the temperature under the wrap, and the watermelon cannot “breathe” – which can cause fermentation (especially if the watermelon is outside the refrigerator) and its rotting.

In the worst case, these bacteria are able to expose our organism to food poisoning and diarrhea.

Source: Keep Your Body

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