Make a Natural Syrup Against Coughing That Will Really Help

The holidays are almost here and surely you want to spend the festive atmosphere without a cough to ruin it. Coughing is usually a sign of a cold. So, before you seek advice from your doctor, consider how you can help yourself. You don’t need a lot of money for different syrups, when you can make them with ingredients you have at home.This cough syrup recipe is effective, tasty and totally natural and can be used by adults and children older than one year. Take one teaspoon of syrup several times a day, and if the cough is in the early stages, for prevention take one teaspoon a day, until you notice that the symptoms are gone.

Make a Natural Syrup Against Coughing That Will Really Help.

For preparing the syrup you need:

Olive oil

Put all three ingredients into a pot and heat over low fire until you get a homogeneous mixture. Pour the syrup into a jar and drink one teaspoon a day. The preparation process can be seen in this video:

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