Here Is How To Lose Weight With Walking!

Walking the body gives him numerous health benefits, which primarily relate to the removal and reduction of the risk of cardiovascular disease. Walking is a good exercise that does not require heavy exercise exercises, and it promises weight loss.

Although this seems impossible or so has shown personal experience, it does not cost to try anything again, but by adhering to the rules to achieve a real effect.

Walking is one of the safest forms of exercise, and what you can manage to lose is 1 pound per week, depending on how often you go and in less than 5 months you can be twenty pounds lighter without going to a diet or in a gym.

This exercise does not require any restriction on diet. But the weight of the body and the place where the walkers play a major role in effectiveness. So the important factors that influence are the weight of the body and the place of walking, in fact, they affect the calories burned while walking, you can adjust the speed as you like.

If you walk 6 kilometers per hour, you can spend 400 calories. Measure with a pedometer for better insight. So you can use a pedometer so you can figure out how many calories you burn while you go and after a while you will realize how easy it is to lose weight this way and you will want this exercise.

As long as it is set on you, it counts every step you do. How many steps do you need to make to lose weight?

– It is necessary to record 1.6 kilometers or 2000 steps per 100 calories
– 1 kilogram is equal to 8000 calories
– losing 1 kg per week means an average spending of 1,200 calories per day
– It takes 23,000 steps to lose 1 kilogram of weight

Holding the body

It is very important how the body is held during the performance of the activity. The eyes should be directed at about 100 steps in front of you, the abdomen should be firm, the beard raised upwards, and the back muscles squeezed.

With this arrangement of the body, calculations for weighing pounds by walking will be applicable, and with this kind of holding during the exercise, the steps with the pedometer can already be counted.
How often should this be practised?

Start with a 15-20 minute activity daily, 3 days a week. Gradually increase the time to 30 minutes to 1 hour. Ask for advice from an expert for additional advice and better results.

However, there is one only the negative side of walking is that it can be a little boring, but we will present you with several ways to keep your interest in walking.

What you need is to change your routine and make it more exciting, you can ask your friend or family to join you, and you can also change the path you are walking every day, at least once every second week, because it can become boring. And, you can play your favourite music that will give you more energy.

Also, if you use the car, park as far as you can from the destination and go there, and if you use a bus, try to walk at least half the road and you should also use the stairs instead of the elevators. Also, try to avoid a taxi and bus, instead you go to your destination.

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