Lose Weight in 3 Weeks: 3 Exercises of 15 Minutes a Day

When you do workout challenges the best thing is that these programs are tested and proven successful. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and the results are guaranteed.

Another thing is that you can always learn more exercises and activate all sorts of different muscles in your body.

In today’s article, we present to you a challenge that is 3 weeks long. You don’t have to go to the gym for this particular challenge, but you can do the exercises in the comfort of your home. We recommend you practice these exercises in the morning so your body will activate and be fresh and energized during the day.

These are three movements that must be performed at home and combined with a slimming diet.


  • First, you have to lie on the ground.
  • Then extend your arms above your head.
  • That’s the initial position.
  • Next, stand up bringing your arms outstretched and straight towards your legs, which you also raise straight.
  • The idea is to lean on your buttocks trying to touch (or get as close as possible) your feet with your hands.
  • Then inhale as you return to the starting position.
  • You must repeat it between 15 and 25 times.

Cross Mountain Climber

  • For this exercise, you have to get into a high plank position.
  • Continue bringing your left knee to your right arm, then bring it back to the starting position.
  • Then do the same but with your right knee to your left arm, replicating the look of a climbing motion.
  • Count up to 30 movements between the two legs.

Seated Twist

  • Sit on the mat with your legs bent, relax your elbows and clasp your hands together.
  • From this position slowly rotate to the right, while touching the ground near your hips, then return to the center and continue to the left to complete one rep.
  • Remember that the movement is not large and must come from the rotation of the trunk.
  • Try to keep your abdomen contracted at all times and make this movement more controlled.
  • Do 30 repetitions.