Lose 5 Kg In Just 7 Days With This Water-Based Diet

Did you know that water can help you in the process of losing weight? All you need to do is follow the water consumption rules and you’ll be surprised by the results.

1. Before every meal drink water. If you plan to eat a snack only then drink one glass of water and if is a bigger meal then take two glasses of water.

2. Two hours after eating consume the same amount of water that you had previously taken.

3. Following the water-based diet, you can consume all your favorite dishes and even a little alcohol, provided that you compensate every 100 g of any alcoholic beverage with 200 g of water.

4. When consuming water add a few drops of fresh lemon juice.

5. Always drink more than 2l a day.

6. During a meal avoid consuming water or any other liquids.

7. Try to replace a daily meal with a water.

Why does the water-based diet work?

– When water is consumed especially before meal it decrease the urge to eat and therefore preventing from overeating.
– Water cleanse the body of toxins and accelerates the metabolism
– The habit of drinking water does away with the urge to drink high-calorie beverages.

Contraindications for the water-based diet:

– cardiovascular diseases;
– Diseases of the urinary system;
– Jumps of blood pressure.

Source: Fit And Healthy 24

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