She Lies On Her Back With a Pillow Between Her Knees For One Brilliant Reason! (VIDEO)

Because the summer is already here, and if you have not yet formed your body, especially for the beach, you may want to do some of these effective exercises that you can do at home in front of your TV.

So try these light but effective exercises, so if you want solid and toned legs, and especially hardening your inner thighs, do these exercises every day. Because, too, these exercises will tone your quads and hamstrings, while they will release you from some fat on the thighs.

The exercises you need to do:


To do this exercise first your feet should be placed wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes should be pointed outward and then you need to bring your hands in front of you and lower down into a squat. Next, you need to go as low into the squat as you can and make sure you keep your knees above your toes and then also make sure to push up from your entire foot, the balls of your feet and your heels. Remember to don’t round your shoulders and to keep your back straight and keep your core tight, because it is important to always exhale when you are contracting the muscles, so you need to make sure to inhale as you go down and exhale on the way up. You need to do as many reps as you can for about one minute.


First, you need to bend your legs until you are in a squatting position. And then you need to pulse up and down really small movements for about 30 seconds if you can and it should burn pretty good by the end and it is a great way to warm up your inner thighs for the rest of the routine.


You need to place an object on the floor as a marker or you can imagine a spot to jump over and then, standing on one leg, jump left and right with your other knees slightly bent and next you need to continue hopping back and forth at least 10 times on each leg. Next, you can start with a narrow distance until your knees become stronger and then widen the distance and then you need to keep your balance might be a challenge first. And then just stick to it and your stability will grow.


First, you need to lay on your back, flat on the floor, bend your legs, keeping your knees together and your feet separated and you need to use a pillow or a rolled towel between your thighs. Next, you need to lift your hips up and then lower them down squeezing your knees together as you go up and down and then make sure you keep the tension on the pillow or the towel the whole time.


You need to be in the same line position as the previous exercise, then you need to lift your hips into a bridge with the pillow between your knees. Next, you need to slowly squeeze the pillow with your knees about 30 times and then do really small pulses. Then you need to lower your pelvis when you are done and relax your back.


To do this exercise you need to lie down on the floor on your side. And then you need to extend your bottom leg out and cross your top leg over it and then prop your head up with your hand or rest your head on your arm. Next, you need to begin by lifting your bottom leg upward and you need to keep your foot parallel to the floor and focus on only raising your heel of that foot toward the ceiling. Then your upper body should stay still the whole time and then we recommend doing this whole routine about two to three times per week.

Do these exercises correctly and the results will not be missed.

Source: Fitness Team Training

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