Learn To Dislodge Up To 9 Kilos Of Waste In The Colon The Same Day And Leave it Empty

Food is the necesery tool for the body to produce energy, but not everything that we consumed is used by our bodies. We we consume food the body separates the part that is needed for processing and the other one as a waste.

The waste is goes troughout the collon in order for the body to get rid of it. When the collon doesn’t function properly the waste begins to store. Therefore the function of the collon is extrimly important. Because when is compromised it can lead to internal poisoning. It’s a known fact that our body processes over 100 tons of food and 40 thousand liters of liquids trougout our lives.

Statistics show that around 7 kilos of waste accumulate in the intestine. And if it’s not disposed,it can lead to serious health issue. There are numerous symptoms that our body can signal if we suffer from this problem. Some of ware frequent constipation, diabetes, slow metabolism, weight gain, kidney diseases, visual and auditory conflicts, skin problems, arthritis, hair and nail problems and even arthritis.

In today’s article we present to you an natural remedy that will solve this problem and clean your colon.


-Lemon juice (1 unit)
-Aloe Vera
-Honey (optional)


First you need to peel the skin of the aloe vera and then add it together with the rest of the in a blender. Blend the mixture until it has a nice homogenous look. Consume the remedy twice every 24 houres. You will feel the results of this remedy only after its’s first use.

The lemon and the Aloe will sanitize your colon of all bacteria and toxic waste. On the other hand, it will help to heal the intestinal mucosa, relieve pain, inflammation and much more.

Source: Healthy Food Choices 365

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