The Last Words Of A Girl That Died In A Car Accident, They Made Europe Cry

“I remember you told me not to drink at the party tonight, so I listened to you and drank juice. I know you told me it’s a sign of strong character, so I felt proud. My friends told me it’s okay to drink and drive, but I listened to you and not them. I know I made the right decision.

Although drunk, many of the people from the party went to their cars to drive in this condition. I knew what they were doing is dangerous, and I’m safe that I’m going to drive sober and come home in peace.

But I didn’t know what was going to happen…

Now, I hear the police officer saying “The boy was under the effect of alcohol” while I’m sitting here, helplessly on the road. I see my blood spilled everywhere and I don’t even have the strength to cry. They don’t think I heard them, but the doctors said I’m probably going to die. The boy was driving drunk full speed, and because of him now I’m not going to make it.

I feel an unexplainable pain and can’t go on much longer. Why did he do it? I will go to heaven and watch you, dad and my sister from there.

Maybe the boy already heard someone saying he shouldn’t drive while drunk, but he didn’t listen to them. I feel I’m dying, and I just want you to know…that I love you. Goodbye mom.”

A journalist was on the spot and followed the girl’s words closely. This is what she was telling her mother while she was dying, hit by a drunk driver on the road.

So, the journalist started a campaign against drunk driving, since she was very upset by what she witnessed. You should share this article with your friends, because you might save someone’s life. If you’re already drunk, don’t go on driving, get a taxi or call a friend!

Source: Health on Line Central

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