It’s Time For a Post-Easter Detoxification

During the Easter holidays we all allowed ourselves to relax and try our favorite, delicious dishes. Therefore, now is the real time to detoxify the body.

For starters, reduce the amount of protein intake, especially meat, while replacing roast meat and fried foods with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Post-Easter Detoxification 3

Replace heavy meals with light meals that you can prepare with vegetables. So, let the food be based on simple cooked meals with less salt and spices and season your salads with lemon juice and olive oil.

In order to cleanse your organism foods such as juice from fresh fruit and hot soups with vegetables are ideal for this. Green vegetables like broccoli, celery, spinach and lettuce will help you restore energy in the body.

Post-Easter Detoxification 2

A detoxification becomes even more successful if a sufficient amount of liquid is consumed. About three liters per day is recommended in the form of soups, juice and tea. Excellent antioxidants such as nettle and ginger are recommended, while just one cup of tea daily cleanses the entire body.

Post-Easter Detoxification 1

This way you will be ready and satisfied for summer.

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