Is Protein Really As Healthy As Many Experts Claim?

The latest research shows that you should be careful with eating protein and should not exceed the daily dose of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight.

While in many popular diets increasing the consumption of protein is promoted, as in Atkinson, Dukan and South Beach diet, recent studies have shown that increased levels of protein, primarily those of animal origin, can cause adverse effects on the body.

Is Protein Really As Healthy As Many Experts Claim 1

The authors of the study argue that it is those people whose diet is based on protein that are more likely to develop some form of malignant disease as well as diabetes.

Many people would be surprised that a diet which is based on eggs milk, cheese and meat may increase the risk of cancer the same as smoking 20 cigarettes a day would.

Is Protein Really As Healthy As Many Experts Claim.

On the other hand a negative impact isn’t observed from consuming protein from plant origin.

Researches came by these results by studying 6400 people who are older than 50. If you want to avoid the increased risk of diseases such as cancer or diabetes, then you should not exceed the recommended daily intake of protein.

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