Iron Glutes 30-Day Challenge to Get an Improved Booty

To achieve strong and good glutes it is very important to know what to work out. Many people would probably think that squats are the best exercise for this section. However, in today’s article we present to you a combination of exercises that will help you achieve even greater results for shorter period of time.


The Shrimp Squat


As you stand on the floor, spread your right hand in front of you and with the left hand grab your right feet and try to lower your body, with the knee touch the ground. After that repeat the exercise with the opposite foot and leg.

Side Kicks


You can perform the side kicks slowly for a muscle control and balance, or flat out for aerobic experience. Shape your foot as you’re kicking out, so that your imagined impact point is the blade of the foot. Retract your leg as fast as you send it out.

Source: Female Fit Body

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