If You Are Over 40 Years Old, Here’s What You Should Eat To Stay Healthy For Many Years

1. Drink more water and avoid consuming soft drinks. They don’t exist for you anymore!

2. You need to avoid eating fast food completely. Include flax seeds or walnuts in the snacks that you prepare. Flax is full of fiber and healthy fats that stabilize blood sugar levels and due to the high amount of estrogen helps with hormonal problems. Walnuts are full of beneficial omeg-3 fatty acids.

3. Eat chili – it reduces the level of insulin which is responsible for the level of fat in the body. Use cinnamon instead of sugar.

4. Make dark chocolate your favorite dessert. There is less sugar and it contains more fiber and iron. It isn’t difficult to make this change in your diet. With regular exercise, you can live longer in top shape. With preserved health and experience accumulated over the years – the joys of life are yet to come!

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