How to Use Bananas to Whiten Your Teeth

What we can say for sure is that everyone wants to have beautiful and white teeth. That is why today teeth whitening has become an urgent procedure, not just a respect for fashion and the desire to be beautiful.

Because with age, tooth enamel tends to darken and if you add smoking and coffee to this, the picture is far from the most beautiful.

The issue of teeth whitening becomes topical for each of us, sooner or later. The problems that each of us has are different, ie someone’s enamel darkens from frequent drinking of coffee, someone smokes, and someone’s enamel is not the brightest by nature. You can go to the dental clinic for whitening, but still, not everyone can afford to spend a large amount of money simply for teeth whitening.

-A good result can be achieved simply by using improvised means. That is, whitening with the help of bananas is one of the safest types because it does not damage tooth enamel and affects the mucous membranes of the mouth.

To perform this whitening procedure, you will need toothpaste, a toothbrush and a piece of banana peel. Before starting the whitening procedure, be sure to brush your teeth to clean the plaque, and then, remove the banana peel and grate it well on the teeth for 3 minutes. Then brush your teeth again.

This procedure should be repeated in the morning and evening as constant care. The banana peel should be fresh every time.

What you need to do is make a habit of doing this procedure every day, and the effect is visible in a week.

In fact, due to the magnesium content in the composition, the daily use of bananas has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and helps the body overcome stress.

If you plan to brush your teeth constantly with banana peel, you can cut the peel into pieces and put it in the freezer, and the effect of using the frozen peel will not change, you just need to defrost it before use. You do not have to buy a new portion of bananas every day, and you can also try rinsing with a banana.

First, cut the banana with a fork and fill it with hot water. Then let it boil for 10 minutes – it’s over.

Source: Train Hard Team