How To Target your OBLIQUES | 7 Best Exercises

Do you think that you need a gym or fancy equipment for an excellent sweat session? You are wrong, all you need is a towel to rock this oblique routine. Even though you can’t target your waistline specifically, but if you lose total body fat, you’ll lose the love handles too.

How it works:

Up to four days every week, you need to do these moves as a circuit (back to back with little rest in between) and that’s after a cardio session or within your strength routine. You need to repeat the whole series 2 to 3 times total. What you’ll need is a towel or a full-length towel.

-Waistline Row: First sit with knees bent, feet flat, holding towel pulled tight overhead, and then brace abs in tight and hinge body back while scooping towel down to the right side of the body, tracing a circle from back to front.

Next, you need to bring the body back upright as towel circles overhead (that’s one rep), then immediately repeat the hinge and scoop down to the left side. You need to do 20 reps, alternating directions.

-Extended ‘Slow-Mo’ Crunch: Lie face-up with knees bent, feet flat, and fold towel until it’s a small square and place under the lower back. Then positioning the bottom edge just above hip bones and next you need to clasp hands behind your head and inhale.

And then as you exhale, slowly (take 3 full counts to raise up) lift head and shoulders off the floor, looking straight ahead at legs. You need to hold for 1 count, and then slowly (counting to 3 again) lower to start position and do 10 reps.

-Rocking Bicycle: What you need to do is to lie face-up with arms extended, elbows slightly bent, into a wide “V” overhead (open arms to the end of your towel’s length), with a towel pulled tight behind the head.

Then extend legs out at a 45-degree angle, bending the right knee and pressing the inner edge of the right foot against the inside of the left knee. And next, you need to lift your head and shoulders off the floor. While keeping abdominals engaged, gently “rock” to the right, balancing on the right hip, using the right arm and your abs to help stop the movement. You need to do 10 reps per side.

-Sliding Plank: The first start on all fours with the towel folded and placed under feet and then draw belly button into the spine to engage abs.  And then slightly lift knees off the ground—don’t let hips lift up in the air during this love handle workout move.

You need to press out through heels, sliding legs out into a full plank position. You need to avoid sagging or lifting hips—the body should make a line from heels to head. Next, you need to brace your abs in tighter and slide your legs back in to start position with knees still hovering, and do 15 reps or as many as you can with proper form.

-Side-Lying Slide-Up: You need to lie on the right side, right arm extended under the ear, and palm pressed on a folded towel. Then place your left hand on the floor in front of the chest, legs extended under hips and next engage abs and press your right hand into the towel to lift the torso off the floor while sliding the towel in toward the body.  The right arm needs to stay extended as it slides in, using the left hand for support.

You need to avoid letting your right shoulder come up as you lift your body. Then hold for 1 count, and slide back out to start position. And do 15 reps per side.

-Towel Teaser: To start this exercise you need to sit with knees bent, towel wrapped under knees, holding both ends with arms bent by sides. Then to race abs in the tight and lean back slightly to lift feet off the floor, the body should resemble a “V” in this position.

Then you need to slowly lower your back to the floor and extend your legs out at a 45-degree angle. You need to keep holding onto the towel for support. Next lower until back touches the floor, head and shoulders stay lifted. You need to hold for 1 count, and then use abs (towel assists) to sit back up to starting “V” position.

If you want to make this move harder you need to extend your arms overhead in a “V” position, holding the towel tight, and as you lean back to extend your legs, lower the towel to the tops of your thighs. And then sit back up, reaching arms overhead again. Do it 10 reps.

-Single-Leg Cross Slide: From a straight-arm plank position, with a towel folded under your feet, you need to shift into a single-leg plank by bending the left knee into the chest and pressing the inside of the foot against the inside of the right knee.

Next, engage abs and bend right knee, sliding towel in, so that both knees come to the outside of the left elbow and then slide and extend right leg back out into a single-leg plank. Do it 10 reps per side.