Home Remedy To Use and Say Goodbye to Diabetes, Cholesterol Liver Problems and Eliminate Accumulated Fat

A lot of people spend a great sum of money on medications to treat various diseases, although they are causing unwanted side effects.

Moreover, certain medications can provoke severe damage to your health. That’s why a lot of people turn to the natural alternative medicine.

Natural remedies have one bad side: they need more time than the medications in order to act. But, they don’t provoke side-effects and are completely safe for our health.

Moreover, they are cheap and you can find their ingredients almost everywhere. For instance, take cilantro. For centuries, it was used by the folks for treatment of diabetes, liver and pancreas problems, reducing the cholesterol levels, and elimination of the body fat.

Health benefits of cilantro:

Prevents fat accumulation in the tissues;

Prevents the oxalates accumulation in the kidneys

Prevents the creation of kidney stones;

Improves digestion;

Treats conjunctivitis;

Regulates the sugar levels in the blood;

Improves the liver function;

Has antiseptic features that work amazingly against ulcers;

Prevents eye problems;

Is a potent diuretic;

Treats diarrhea and other problems in the digestive system.

If you suffer from kidney stones, take a look at the following simple cilantro remedy:


A pot of water

A handful of parsley and coriander


Boil the water and then add the chopped herbs in it. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. Then, let the mixture cool down and strain it.

Next, drink it. Make a larger amount of this tea and store it in the fridge. Drinking this cilantro tea on a regular basis will prevent the kidney stones prevention, and at the same time, improve your overall health.

Source: Healthy Food Choices 365

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