Holy God! If I Had Known Before .. Freezing Lemons Can Cure All This

Numerous foods can provide us a dose of Vitamin C, however, the number one place is the lemons. There are several ways to consume lemons, but you probably haven’t heard about this one.

Did you know that frozen lemons can provide you the most benefits? They have the ability to improve the immune system, regulate the cholesterol levels and also prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body.

Strengthen cardiovascular health, relieve inflammation, treat depression and stress, clean the kidneys and liver, strengthening your health.

As studies indicate the most beneficial part of the lemon is the skin part. But, when we consume it we usually throw this part of the lemon. This par is very bitter and we will show you a way how to make the lemon skin eatable.

Place the lemons in a pot of apple cider vinegar and some baking soda and rinse them good. If you don’t grow your own lemons this step is necessary because the commercial fruits and vegetables are full of pesticide and chemicals.

After you wash them, place them in a freezer and leave them for the night. In the morning, grate them well, with the pulp, seeds, husks and all. When you have them ready, add them in trays of ice cubes and freeze or preserve them.

You can add these lemon powder to anything, from soups to shakes, yogurts etc.

Make this a habit and after only couple of weeks time you will feel the benefits of this amazing powder,

Source: Healthy Food Choices 365

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