High-Intensity 4-Minute Workout for Major Calorie Burning

If you don’t have time to hit the gym but still want that perfectly shaped body then you came to the right place. In today’s article, we present to you an exercise program called Tabata.

Tabata is a high-intensity exercising program that won’t take much of your time but still deliver some amazing results.

1. Hard 20-second sprinting
2. 10-second rest
3. Keep on repeating for 4 minutes in total

A Little Background

This exercise program was invented by the Japanese Dr. Izumi Tabata (hence the name). Even if it looks way too simple, it is sure to help you burn lots of calories.

Dr. Tabata and his team back in 1996 at Tokyo’s National Institute of Health and Nutrition analyzed 2 separate groups of athletes for a time period of 6 weeks.

The first group did mild exercise for a longer period of time and the second one high-intensity workout for a short period of time.

The first group had 9.5% increase in their aerobic capacity and the second increase of 14% of their aerobic capacity. Moreover, the second group improved their oxygen utilization and lung capacity.

Worth the Shot

Obviously, you should work on gradually increasing the intensity, as well as shortening the break and exercise time. You should first get used to exercising for a few minutes, and then gradually but surely work your way to just 4 minutes in total.

It Offers You Many Benefits

This workout builds muscle mass
It has an effect on the way your body processes glucose (sugar)
It burns any excess fat you might have stored
No special equipment is needed, you can simply do this within the comfort of your own home
It raises your endorphin levels, making you feel happier
It only lasts 4 minutes! No matter how busy you are or how hectic your life schedule is, you’re bound to have that much time to spare!

How to Do It Properly

Start off by doing some stretches so that you don’t pull a muscle or any other similar injury
It’s of utmost importance to set up a timer so that you don’t overdo it and work for more than 4 minutes
Run as hard as you are able for 20 seconds
Take a 10-second break
Repeat for a total of 6 to 8 sets
After you’re done, do a little more stretching and drink some water at room temperature

Watch the video for more information and guidance for this amazing program:

Source: Fit And Healthy

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