Here’s Why Some People Eat All Kinds Of Food And Are Still Thin And Slender

Researchers have found the gene that allows carbohydrates to be broken down quickly, and it is known that thanks to carbohydrates people are fat. The gene is called Atkins according to the author of the famous diet and the official name is AMY1.

The gene produces an enzyme found in saliva and starts with the breakdown of starch foods such as potato chips and rice.

Research has shown that people, who have had multiple copies of the gene, as well as the enzyme, are thinner.

While it is normal for genes to be in pairs, some people have only one copy of a gene, while others have two, three or more. In the case of the gene AMY1, it is possible to have 20 copies.

“Nature Genetics” reports that people with less of these genes have difficulty breaking down carbohydrates so that’s why they gain weight so easily. Although it isn’t totally clear who it acts, one possibility is that the undigested starch feeds on intestinal bacteria, so people have a hard time losing weight.

Scientists from a London university conclude that due to this, in the future the best possible food should be prepared for each individual separately.

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