Here’s What Happens In Your Body After You Drink One Glass Of Coca-Cola

When you drink a glass of Coca-Cola you have consumed 10 teaspoons of sugar in your organism. But phosphoric acid reduces the sweet taste and therefore you do not vomit.

After 20minutes an insulin explosion happens in your body. The liver converts the sugar into fat. After forty minutes your pupils dilate, your blood pressure increases, receptors in the brain are blocked and therefore you don’t feel dizzy.

The production of dopamine is increased, which causes a pleasant feeling similar to that of heroin. After an hour the phosphoric acid reacts with calcium, magnesium and zinc in the colon and causes an additional explosion in the metabolism. The need to urinate is increased so that the calcium, magnesium and zinc that were intended for your body together with the sodium and water electrolytes are discharged.

Here’s What Happens In Your Body After You Drink One Glass Of Coca-Cola.

After about two hours the chaos in the body subsides and you begin to feel the lack of sugar. The body doesn’t have the necessary minerals for normal function and we feel anxiety. The body feels the need for caffeine and even more Coca-Cola. Although the body produces antioxidants, they are not sufficient to fight the free radicals.

Therefore they need to be consumed through food. The most important antioxidants are: selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C, carotenoid, polyphenol and coenzyme Q10.

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