Here Is The Type Of Food That Employees Of Fast Food Restaurants Don’t Recommend

Employees of fast-food restaurants on the popular internet sire “Reddit” responded to questions about what on their restaurant menu (for health and hygiene reasons) customers should not consume. If you eat a lot of fast food we hope that you don’t eat it every dat. Why – read the following answers and advice from people who prepare this food.

Fried chicken fingers – This is mentioned very often. Depending on the restaurant and the head of the kitchen the quality varies, while a great number of employees wouldn’t eat this food.

Ice from fast food restaurants – Apart from the calorie value and the amount of sugar in soft drinks, you should also think about the ice. Employees say that they can’t guarantee whether the ice machine is clean and they can’t say with certainty that it doesn’t contain mold inside.

Grilled chicken – Employees claim that if the meat is roasted it doesn’t mean that it is healthy. In fact, so the meat doesn’t get stuck on the grill, employees use a lot of margarine (very unhealthy fat), and to remain juicy they add copious amounts of sauce that they rub on the meat.

Salt and pepper – Containers for seasonings are filled with salt and pepper, but almost never get washed. Just imagine how many hands they have passed through?

Vegetarian fast food – Employees say that vegetarian food is often prepared in oil that has already been used to fry meat. If you are particularly sensitive and principled, think about the next time you want to order.

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