Here Are Diseases That Can Be Cured Using Cabbage Leaves

Bandages made from cabbage leaves are very useful in the treatment of various diseases. These are diseases like gangrene, epilepsy, bronchitis, headaches, worms, a sore throat, purulent ulcers, rashes, etc.

With the help of cabbage leaves we can treat even inflammation of the tendons, joint pain, sore knees, varicose veins, inflammation of the bladder, migraines, muscle inflammation, acne, burns, swelling, etc.

For treatment of the above listed diseases and difficulties it is best to use large cabbage leaves. All kinds of cabbages are used for treatment, but the most effective is the red cabbage. Before using, the leaves are washed and dried then placed on the sore spot. They are held in place with a bandage and plaster over night while you sleep. The bandage should be replaced every day.

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