Healthy Way To Lose Up To 5 Pounds In 10 Days With This Medifast Diet

This is not one of those “fast” diets from which you immediately lose immunity, but on the contrary, this diet has no side effects, except the desired – fewer pounds!

If you have to lose a few pounds in an expeditious manner, yet you care about a healthy diet and do not want those diets with a “yo-yo” effect, this is the right diet for you!

So, we all want to be sexy and look good, but sometimes our beauty is hidden behind our extra pounds and most of the diet plans promise that the next morning you wake up thin, but the miracle will not happen.

That’s why people simply can’t adhere to the difficult diet plans, which require seizure of nothing but time and without results, so that’s why today we will try to show you one of the most effective diet plans that will keep you hungry, and most dietitians recommend it – a plan for a Medifast diet.

During “fast” diets, women usually have dizziness, become depressed, their face is swollen and the skin quickly dries … But this diet is devised differently, so it does not reflect on the psycho-physical condition, and it contributes to the rapid melting of kilograms.

How to make a plan for a diet

The diet lasts exactly 10 days, not, even more, a day less. What is best, you will do your own meal plan yourself and adjust yourself to your own desires and needs. It is also important that you exercise during the diet because without physical activity there will be no results.

So your day should contain 6 meals, where 5 of them consist of Medifast 100-calorie products such as shakes, bars or soups, and the sixth meal should be rich in pure protein and green vegetables.

Eat a variety of fresh fruits, because in this way you will enter into your body the necessary ingredients for normal functioning. The same goes for vegetables, prepared in a healthy way.

Namely, some foods are good antioxidants, and some others are good because they contain dietary fibre that improves digestion, and others because of vitamins and minerals. Some of these groceries will help you to lose weight, some to improve the glow of the skin, and by exercising you will improve the muscle tone.

So, you eat vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and you can also prepare the light vegetable soup.

So maintaining such a nutrition plan for 10 days will allow you to lose up to 5 pounds and although this nutrition plan has a specific set of recipes, they can easily be replaced by steamed vegetables and stewed meat. And do not forget that moderate exercise is an essential part of this diet plan.

For these 10 days, you will have to forget about bread, meat, cheese, pasta, sweet, carbonated and spirits and similar high-calorie foods.

Source: Team Fitness Training

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