Healthy Food That Is Filling, But Not Fattening

Healthy Food That Is Filling, But Not Fattening

Sometimes we confess to ourselves that we don’t have time for strict food diets, but at the same time we are aware that we need to keep fit to have a good figure and to take care of our health. In this case it is necessary to look for food that is healthy, filling as well as not fattening. Do these types of foods exist? Well, there are some foods that fit this description, here’s what we think.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal is always the first choice. It is something that will be advised to you by almost every nutritionist and is recommended for fitness professionals. This food that is healthy will fill you and it won’t affect your body weight much.


Chicken breast – Chicken breast with foreskin is a great food that is healthy, fills you fast and doesn’t fatten. This food is tasty so the thought that everything that we will list is simple but not tasty, doesn’t apply.

Chicken Breast

Seafood – It is full of protein and contains very little fat. You can make interesting meals with seafood as well as delicious meals that will fill you up and won’t affect your weight.


Egg white – An excellent and healthy choice. But, don’t use the egg yolk, which is something entirely different when it comes down to food that is fulfilling but not fattening. Make an omelet with the egg white or even better, boil the egg and separate the yolk and the white.

Egg White

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