Goodbye Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth in Just 9 Weeks

Just recently a team from Columbia University led by Dr. Jeremy Mao made an astonishing discovery. They actually built a ‘scaffold’ for the tooth made of stem cells which a new tooth can grow over the template. Also, it is the first technique ever to successfully achieve the regeneration of an anatomically correct tooth with the use of the body’s innate resources.

Dr. Mao:
“The missing tooth is replaced with stem cells from your body, and the tooth starts merging to the surrounding tissue on its own. This boosts the regeneration process and results in regrowth of the tooth in a record time,”

This may be the end of the expensive dental surgeries when it comes to replacing teeth.

At the moment all the procedures for replacing teeth are limited and also quite costly.
In this research, scientists have found that they can use this method to treat people with broken bones to genetic disorders.

This process lasts for 9 weeks and it might sound long in cooperation with receiving the tooth the same day, but have it in mind that the teeth are made from natural stem cells.

Most people would probably prefer to have their teeth from their own cells rather than some foreign material.
Dr. Mao says that this procedure is not yet ready for the public, however, it’s in the final stages and it will be in very near future.

Source: Live The Organic Dream | Pre Scouter

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