Get Rid of Back Fat in 1 Week (Intense Workout)

Back fat can be a problematic area for fat storage. Many people don’t know how to get rid of it and which exercises are the best for this particular area.

In today’s article, we present to you the most effective exercises for back fat which will solve your problem in a very short period of time. After only one week you will notice the first results of this amazing program.

You need to perform 2 sets of each exercise, in a period of 40 seconds for a set.

1. Superman Punch

Lay down on your belly and lift your arms and legs. Get back in the initial position and repeat the process. Make sure you hold your arms and legs in the air as much as you can before returning them to the ground.

2. Brest Stroke

Follow each move of the exercise as given in the video and try to perform the entire exercise correctly in order certain body injuries to be avoided. Make as many repetitions as recommended to you.

3. Swimming Kicks

For this exercise lay down on your belly and perform swimming movements. Make sure you keep your arms and legs as much as you can in the air.

4. Bridge Kick

For this exercise hold your body with your arms and legs while facing the ceiling. Then perform kick with one leg after the other.

Source: Female Fit Body

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