Foods That You Can Eat Freely At Night

Given that our body does not use equal amounts of energy at night as during the day, excess food is converted to fat. But when you are overcome with hunger opt for foods that are high in fiber. We reveal to you foods that you can eat late at night, that will not affect your weight or your dreams.

Tuna: Tuna is low in calories, high in protein and contains only a small percentage of sugars. That is why tuna is a great meal for late night hours.

Tuna You Can Eat Freely At Night

Fresh cheese: Fresh cheese contains Casein, a protein that provides your body with enough energy during sleep.

Cheese You Can Eat Freely At Night

Turkey meat: If you eat meat, opt for turkey because it contains amino acid tryptophan which slows it down.

Turkey Meat You Can Eat Freely At Night

Honey: Besides the fact that it will fulfill you, honey will provide a peaceful and quality sleep.

Honey You Can Eat Freely At Night

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