Fast Fitness: How to Achieve Twice the Results for Half as Long?

There are different types of metabolic training, but the most known is Taba training named after a Japanese doctor who invented the concept. This training is based on a 20 second training, which is followed by a 10 second rest, in 8 series and in totals adds up to 4 minutes.

Fast Fitness How to achieve twice the results for half as long

But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Although the time needed to exercise is only a little bit, you need to exercise twice as strong as you did in your regular training at the gym. If you finish the set of exercises in the specified time with ease that means that you didn’t do the exercises properly. The intensive training can be described by saying that the last two sessions need to be impossible for you to complete.

Taba training is based on exercise with a maximum capacity in short explosive sessions, leading to a better fitness shape and stimulation of the basic metabolic rate, which in turn speeds up the fat burning process. In a controlled scientific experiment by Dr, Taba there were two groups involved who exercised 5 days per week for a total og 6 weeks. One group practiced for an hour with medium to high intensity exercise, while the other group exercised intense training for just 4 minutes a day. In the second group it was observed that there was a significant increase the their aerobic fitness, while an anaerobic fitness level as missing in the first group

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