Facts That You Didn’t Know About Meat Processing

Processed meat is full of preservatives so it has a longer shelf life. The texture and color is changed so that the final product looks more attractive and better-tasting. Here are some facts about meat processing that you probably don’t know but should:

1. It is completely legal for your burger to contain fibers from rats. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) states that it is okay to have up to four fibers from rodents in 100gr of processed food.

2. Chicken nuggets and frankfurters are made from molds that are filled with a liquid mixture of meat and other additives.

3. The basic package of omega-3 can be found in salmon that are kept at salmon farms and dyed pink.

4. In the past, about 70% of poultry in America ate drugs based on arsenic.

5. Meat can be treated with carbon monoxide to keep its red color.

6. Some large companies that produce meat products don’t reveal the origin of the meat that they use.

7. Around 80% of pigs in America are fed the controversial additive raktopamin which is illegal in China, Russia and the European Union.

8. Research from 2007 found that eating processed meat increases the risk of colon cancer.

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