These 6 Exercises Can Easily Relieve Your Foot, Hip And Knee Pain

Feet are one of the most relevant parts of the body, although we often disregard their significance. During a physical activity, they are the part of the body which works the most. When we take care of the feet back hip and knee pain will not be present.

Acupressure is integrated into the ancient Chinese medicine for over 5000 years. Putting pressure on specific spots on the body relieves stress and stimulates the organs into working more properly which results in improvement in health. The effects and way of working are similar to the acupuncture, but instead of using needles the procedure is done with the fingertips.

The following 5 exercises help in pain relief, makes the feet stronger and improves the balance.

1. Toe presses

Start with warming the legs before doing the exercises. A good way to warm up is toe presses. When you are standing, you should gently bend the knees and grab hold of the floor with your toes. Remain in that position for three seconds. This exercise should be repeated three times a day 10 sets each time.


2. Toe walking

This can be performed by anyone, you do not need to be a ballerina. Toe walking helps in making the toe muscles stronger, and the muscles around the balls of your feet, and ligaments. It can be performed easily, by standing on your tiptoes and moving forward for about 20 seconds, then a rest of 15 seconds is necessary and after that doing the exercise for 5 more times. Repeat this twice a day.


3. Ankle circles

The movement of the ankles and their flexibility is of great significance. The overload of the body results in a restricted ankle and swallows the muscles and attributes to the joint pain. The back, the hip and knee pain is due to the result of tight muscles.


Lie on your back and extend your leg overhead. After that, your ankle needs to be rotated clockwise of the extended leg and you should count to 10. Switch your legs in order to activate them both.

4. Resisted Flexion

The aim of this exercise is the smaller muscles of the foot, which are in charge of keeping the balance. This exercise helps in tightening your muscles and helps in avoiding injuries.

You should sit on the floor, with straight feet and wrap an exercise band on the bedpost. After this, you should put the band on the top of your feet and lean back to tighten the band. Then, you should band the foot backward and remain in this position for 5 seconds. A break must be done and you should repeat this 10 times a day.


5. Toe pencil pickups

This exercise is easy to perform. You can do it by putting a pencil on the floor and lifting it off the floor. Keep it for 10 seconds and then release. 5 repetitions are required for both feet.


6. Walking on balls

Put a tennis ball on the ground, then sit on a chair and put one foot over it. Push the ball all over your feet and enjoy the massage for 5-10 minutes.



Source: Clean Natural Medicine

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