Exercises or Diet: How Does impact Weight Loss?

In today’s society, almost everyone is interested in what it looks like and how much it weighs, whether we want to admit it or not. That’s why losing fat has always been a goal we all strive for.

Each of us has imagined a perfect weight that we want to reach, so the question is how to successfully reach that weight?

The way of life today simply does not give us enough time to practice some exercises, primarily because of the fast way of life.

Exercise time is really hard to find, especially torn between work and family care. So considering all these disadvantages, is exercise really enough to lose fat?

What is more important for fat loss – diet or exercise?

Many people believe that we need to exercise for hours if we want to lose fat successfully, but still, exercise is only a really small part of the equation.

Numerous studies have shown that fat loss programs focused on reducing calorie intake cause 3 times more fat loss than a program focused on increasing physical activity.

So diet plays a more important role than exercise if your goal is simply to lose fat. If you reduce your daily calorie intake, you will lose more fat than just increasing physical activity. In fact, to burn 160 calories from a donut, you will need to walk 35 minutes.

Now imagine how much time you will need to manage if you eat a large french fries and a glass of Coca-Cola. You may need to walk a few hours to burn all those calories. So you need to be careful about what you eat and you will be more successful in losing the extra pounds of fat.

Do not think that you should neglect exercise. You need to include exercise in your daily routine if your goal is to stay healthy and increase your quality of life.

Studies have also shown that adding exercise increases your life expectancy, and exercise can also reduce your risk of developing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high vital signs and several cancers, especially colon and cancer.

Exercise can also help you improve your mood, reduce depression and anxiety. To help you sleep better, improve mental clarity, stop the aging process and give you more energy.

Exercise is additionally crucial for overall physical and mental fitness. Although dieting with limited calorie intake is enough to lose fat. But if you want to have a much better quality of life then you would like a healthy diet and a daily exercise regimen.