Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Methods For Curing In 5 Minutes

Chronic stress and a lot of disorders and conditions, both physical and emotional, are closely related. This was proven with many studies and many people experience nausea, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, heart attacks, stroke, bad immune system and many more of these conditions just because of too much stress.

Jin Shin Jitsu is an ancient form of a Japanese healing art, which restores the emotional balance with the help of the stimulation of certain points on the fingers.

Ancient Japanese used to believe that each finger of your hands is related to different emotions. The thumb is linked to anxiety and worrying, the index finger with fears, the middle finger with anger and bitterness, the ring finger with sorrow, depression and melancholy and the little finger with your self-esteem. So, exercising your fingers will help you overcome these emotions or help you in those areas.

In order to target a certain internal organ you just need to take the appropriate finger and hold it tightly for 3-5 minutes. After that breathing deeply and afterward, massage all fingers on both hands for about three minutes.

Here are the organs linked to the fingers:


Linked to: stomach and spleenwort

Emotions: depression and anxiety

Common symptoms: skin issues, nervousness, headaches, stomach pain

Index finger:

Linked to: kidneys and urinary bladder

Emotions: fear, confusion, disappointment

Common symptoms: a toothache, muscle pain, back pain, digestion issues

Middle finger:

Linked to: liver and yolky bitter

Emotions: anger, indetermination, irritability

Common symptoms: a migraine, tiredness, circulation problems, menstrual pain, frontal headaches

Ring finger:

Linked to: lungs and large intestine

Emotions: sadness, fear, negativity

Common symptoms: digestion issues, asthma, respiratory problems, skin disease


Linked to: heart and small intestine

Emotions: worry, nervousness, absence of self-confidence

Common symptoms: bone issues, heart disease, throat pain

Source: King Demic

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