An Effective Workout Can Help To Tighten Your Muscles And Reduce Belly Fat

You are concerned about the accumulated fat found on your waist and stomach, so these exercises are a great solution for you, because we know very well that every second woman in this world is not satisfied with her body, and especially with the stomach fat which is one of the main problems that every woman is struggling.

We also know that it is not easy to reduce the stomach and form the body and that it requires a lot of exercises and proper nutrition, so our FTT team wants to help you improve your appearance and lose extra fat. And that is precisely why this here in this article we will give you several exercises that are best for tightening the muscles and reducing stomach fat.

The exercises shown in this article should be done only once a day so that all your excuses for not having time fall into the water.

Practice these exercises and reduce fat on your stomach and waist.

Good luck!



How to do it:

First, you need to lie on your back with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart and then you need to place your hands behind your head and gently pull your abdominals inward. Next, you need to curl up and forward so that your head, neck, and shoulder blades lift off the floor and you need to hold the position for a few seconds. And then slowly back down and repeat it ten times.



How to do it:

You need to start with the pushup position and then your upper part of the body must be straight in line with the elbows and toes when they are slightly raised and next you need to keep up this straight position, take deep breaths, and feel the muscles getting strong. Then when you contract the butt muscles you need to equally divide the weight into both legs. And then elbows to have more strength and balance.



How to do it:

To start the exercise you need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips and then step forward with one leg. Next, you need to flex your knees until your rear knee nearly touches the floor and after that, bring your body back and Switch legs. Repeat it 20 times.



How to do it:

First, you need to lie on your back with hands behind your head and bent knees and then with elbows flared lift your shoulder blades off the floor and hold the position. Then you need to twist your upper body, so you bring the elbow to the opposite knee, extending your other leg and then hold it. Then bring your body back to the starting position and repeat it ten times.



How to do it:

You need to start the exercises lying face down on the ground with extended legs and then you need to push yourself up into the plank position and try to maintain a tight core and flat back. Then bring your left knee to your right elbow and make a small pause and then return to the starting position. You need to repeat it ten times with both sides.



How to do it:

To start this exercise you need to lie on the ground with your feet on the floor. Then put your hands behind your head and lift your knees to about 90-degree angle. And then rice your upper body. Next, you need to start doing a bicycle pedal motion, bringing one knee up towards your armpit while straightening the other leg and rotate your torso during the movement. You can do this as much as you can.

Source: Healthy Fitness Club

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