Eating Plan For 1800 Calories – The Weight Loss Guaranteed! (VIDEO)

Losing weight has become an urgent problem for many people. Irrational diet, periodic stress, and a sedentary lifestyle lead to a rapid and steady increase in body weight.

The 1800 Kcal diet will allow you to easily lose excess weight with calorie restriction and change your diet in favor of proper and healthy food. An 1800-calorie diet is sufficient for the normal functioning of the body. That’s why we will show you a tasty and healthy 1800 calorie menu and no more worries about reducing your metabolism or other health problems.


The main fact of the diet is strict adherence to a calorie intake of a daily diet of 1800 Kcal. , so dietary menus are shown below to show you what different basic meals and snacks may be, and this template will give you an understanding of how much food you should consume and what types of food are appropriate for choosing to come in and reach 1800 calories daily.


Breakfast: Two poached eggs, two pieces of toast with two teaspoons butter, one cup of mixed berries. (469 calories)
Snack: Sliced apple with 1/2 ounce sharp cheddar cheese or one tablespoon peanut butter (150 calories)
Lunch: Tuna sandwich using whole wheat bread, three ounces of tuna and one tablespoon light mayonnaise; cup orange juice and one cup carrot sticks (478 calories)
Snack: Six wheat square crackers dipped in two tablespoons hummus (160 calories)
Supper: Marinated grilled shrimp, one cup of brown rice and one cup steamed broccoli (533 calories)



Breakfast: One cup cooked oatmeal with two tablespoons of light cream and one teaspoon brown sugar; two light sausages; one grapefruit with two teaspoons white sugar. (400 calories)
Snack: Six ounces 2.9 percent milk fat vanilla or fruit-flavored yogurt. (160 calories)
Lunch: Mediterranean Wrap (436 calories)
Snack: One medium banana; one cup of unsweetened soy milk (160 calories)
Supper: Grilled filet mignon; medium baked potato with two tablespoons light sour cream; one cup steamed vegetables. (451 calories)
Dessert: Sicilian Ricotta Cheesecake. (198 calories)



Breakfast: One cup of bran cereal with one cup of low-fat milk; one cup mixed melon balls; one cup cottage cheese ( 444 calories)
Snack: One cup vegetable cocktail with one cheese string (150 calories)
Lunch: Fast food hamburger with apple slices (500 calories)
Snack: Two ounces teriyaki beef jerky with 1/2 cup snow peas (150 calories)
Supper: Lime Chicken Caesar Salad; one slice french bread (393 calories)
Dessert: 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream (130 calories)


Making a menu for this diet for 1800 calories is easy! The main thing is to remember that the menu should provide 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks between the main meals. And that during the day you are not hungry, and the process of weight loss is accelerated, do not forget to drink at least 2 liters of water in a day.
What’s important is that this menu will help you learn a healthy diet and you can plan your 1800 calorie diet menus depending on your personal tastes and nutritional goals, being the best nutrition plan is one with whom you can feel good and follow the long-term.

Source: Fitness Team Training

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