Doctors Have No Explanation: Combination of 3 Foods to Return Your Vision And Cleanse the Fat From Your Liver

We all know which foods are healthy and which are the ones that cause health problems. For our wellbeing, food is the essential but not only thing that matters. You have other factors like exercising and being physically active, or on the other hand drinking and smoking.

Chronic diseases most of the time are a result of bad lifestyle habits. The most common health issues in the United States are a stroke, diabetes, heart disease and cancer according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many of these health problems are preventable. Especially health problems related to smoking, where smoking is the number one cause in the first place.

This mixture can do miracles for you. It is very simple and consuming it on a daily basis will boost your health and you will feel fresh and energized at all times.


• 1 organic beet
• 2 organic carrots
• 4 organic oranges


After you blend all of the ingredients, immediately drink the mixture and never leave it for later.

This remedy is most beneficial for the vision, colon and the liver.


• Its betaine and tryptophan content benefits brain activity.
• Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that protect the body from free radicals.
• Improves blood circulation and regulates blood pressure.
• It provides an extra share of energy for those days of intense activity.

Source: Healthy Food Choices 365

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