Diseases That Can Be Cured With Food

Some diseases that are more common don’t need to be treated with drugs, we simply need a little bit of knowledge in combining food and the disease with disappear after a short time.

Here’s what we’re talking about!

High temperature – fruit yogurt. Elevated temperature – Your organism prepares to fight infection. Help your body properly! An excellent solution for this is fruit yogurt which speeds up the metabolism, restores energy and reduces temperature. Whenever you feel that you have an elevated temperature help your body with a tasty fruit yogurt.

Yogurt Cures Yeast infection

Yeast infection – Yogurt. This is a partial cure and preventative. People who regularly drink yogurt have a 75% lower risk of fungal infections. If you already suffer from a yeast infection, drink yogurt regularly. With its “good” bacteria it will always be beneficial.

Urinary tract infection – Cranberry juice. Just two glasses of cranberry juice will prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the bladder, particularly the bacteria Escherichia coli, which is the most common cause of this type of infection.

Cranberry Juice Cures Urinary tract infection

PMS – Cheese. Cheese is a product that is rich calcium. According to a survey conducted by researchers, food that is rich in calcium is an excellent buffer for symptoms of pre-menstrual cycle.

Cheese Cures PMS

Cold – soup. Yes, this is a well known medicine that simply works. It is great for inflammation of the lungs, rehydration when you have a temperature, rhinitis and all the symptoms of a cold.

Soup Cures Colds

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