Discover Your Nutritional Diet Plan

What is a personal nutritional plan?

It is a diet plan “tailored” just for your body. First you need to discover the needs that need to be met at an optimal level, whether it is strenuous physical activity or just “surviving” the usual day. The plan should represent a way to achieve a physical and mental feeling that you’ve always wanted, and it is a feeling of greater energy and a change towards a healthy lifestyle through nutrition.

A personal plan diet should include:

1. What kind of food we can and can’t eat.
2. How much we should eat.
3. When we should eat.
4. Which foods can we combine?
5. How certain food affect your body in different situations.
6. How food affects you lifestyle.

Discover Your Nutritional Diet Plan.

You need to make an analysis of your gender, age, height, weight, basic metabolic rate, body composition, daily activities, daily sports activities, blood type (if you are allergic or intolerant towards some types of food, e.g. lactose intolerant).

Once all of these parameters have been defined, someone who is skilled in this type of area like a nutritionist needs to make a personal nutritional plan to meet your needs and expectations. The plan should include a list grouped by eating meals and temporal distribution as well as quantitatively determined.

The personalized nutritional plan should be specially prepared just for you and your goals, not someone else.

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