This Diet Plan Can Help You Lose Up to 6 Pounds in Two Weeks

In our modern society obesity has become a huge problem and the people who are obese is an all-time high. Many people fail to realize that it is not just the aesthetic look that is affected but this condition can lead to numerous other health risks.

People who suffer from this condition should definitely look for ways to cut the weight down and start living a more healthy lifestyle. It is a proven fact that obesity can lead to numerous other health problems such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.

Apart from the diet physical activity is essential for losing weight and it doesn’t have to be in the gym or some expensive fitness programs, but you can start exercising at least 30 minutes a day at your home or walking, running, swimming or riding a bike. Whatever you find it most interesting and effective for you.

In today’s article, we present to you a 2 weeks diet plan that has proven itself and had helped many people around the world and now is time for you to give it a try. We promise you that after the 2 weeks time period you will be amazed by the results.

Here are some example meals that you need to include in your everyday diet.

Breakfast Ideas

A whole grain muffin with boiled egg and one avocado
Salmon with vegetable salad
Oatmeal with skim milk, fruits, and seeds
Banana smoothie and fruit salad
2 sliced whole grain toast with feta cheese and ham
2 boiled eggs with tomatoes and cucumber

Lunch Ideas:

Tuna salad and 2 boiled eggs
Baked chicken with cheese and tomatoes
Salmon with asparagus and spinach
Chicken breasts with brown rice and green veggies
Bean salad with kale
Baked sweet potatoes with veggie soup

Dinner ideas:

Brown rice with tuna and avocado
Tomato-beet salad
Vegetable salad and a cup of ginger tea
Tomato soup and baked potatoes
Tuna salad with one boiled egg
Chicken salad with green veggies

Rules you should follow during this diet:

– Consume platy of water
– Make sure you never skip meals
– Eat the meals every day at the same time
– Exercises at least 30 minutes a day
– Reduce stress
– Have a proper rest

Source:  Go Fit Stay Fit

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