Cucumber Diet: Lose Up To 7kgs In Just 14 Days

The cucumber diet is ideal for all who hate to think too much about what to eat while on a diet. The dietary plan is simple: several products are eaten and the diet is implemented for 10 days. An extended version of 14 days can also be implemented for this diet, during which you can lose up to 7kg, of course depending on your physical activity as well.

The basis of the diet is a cucumber salad that can be consumed in unlimited quantities every time you feel hungry. This salad is rich in nutrition and you don’t have to worry whether something is missing from this regime.

Other things that you can eat during the day are:
– 2 boiled eggs or 150gr tuna (oil drained) or 150gr roasted white meat
– 2 large boiled potatoes (steam cooked or oven cooked in oil) or 3 pieces of whole grain bread
– 500gr fresh fruit

You are only allowed to drink water, tea or coffee (without sugar). Soda drinks are strictly prohibited as well as alcohol and sweets. With each meal you can eat unlimited amounts of cucumber or you can drink a cucumber shake.

Sample menu:

– 2 hard boiled eggs and cucumber salad

boiled eggs

– 5 plums or an apple or a peach (or other seasonal fruit you prefer) with a total weight of 200gr.

Plums, apple and peach

– Toast or whole-grain bread and cucumber salad


– Fruit of choice (up to 300gr)

fresh fruit

Moderate physical activity is very important in any diet as well as this one. So go for a walk for half an hour or exercise.

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