You’ll Be Amazed How People With Color Blindness See The World (10+ Pics)

Ever wondered how it is to see the world through the eyes of people that have color blindness?

First of all, being color blind doesn’t mean you see the world all black and white like in a 50s movie. About 99 percent of people that have this characteristic actually see colors so it is more advisable to call them “ color vision deficient” or CVD.

Around 0.5% of women (1 in 200) and 8% of men (1 in 12) have CVD and there are a few versions of this condition like Deuteranomalia (everything is looking a bit faded), Protanopia (everything is a bit green), and Tritanopia (greenish-pink tonnes), and a small amount of the population worldwide ( about 0.00003%) have total color blindness or Monochromacy.

We give you a few images so you can enter the world of the ones suffering from color blindness and understand how everyday life looks for them:

Normal vision





The most widely experienced type of color blindness is actually Deuteranomalia. Just about 4.63% of men and 0.36% of women have this type of color vision deficiency without ever being aware of it. That means that they see a more subdued color palette, with the case of green and red being the most noticeable.


Meaning that the shades of red and green are a bit faded while blue and yellow are exactly as they are.  Only 1 percent of the population has this type of CVD.



The ones having it see pinkish or greenish tones and this is very rare. About 0,0001 % of people suffer from this kind of CVD.


Total color blindness ( Monochromacy)5


1 Pug In A Tulip Field



2 Melody Of The Night By Leonid Afremov



3 Stoplight



4 Rainbow Hair



5 Bored Panda



6 Parrots



7 Nyan Cat



8 Tomatoes



#9 Frida Kahlo



#10 The Simpsons




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