Colon, Liver And Lungs Detox – Only 3 Days And All Toxins Are Gone! Also The Fat, Extra Water And Clogging Of Arteries

It is widely known what processed food is doing to our body and health. But even with all the information we still are tempted every now and then. So, the damage that all the junk food can do to us depends on the quantity we intake.

However, no matter how little we consume it, it is important for our body to give it detoxification of the most vital organs.
Before you start this detox method it is important that 48h before you don’t consume anything that contains dairy. The reason for that is because the dairy products take the longest time to digest.

First, drink a herbal laxative tea only 1 cup. The tea will cleanse the intestines to make them ready and resolve constipation.

In the morning make a mixture of 2 lemons and ½ cup water. Consume it before breakfast. The mixture will alkalize your body and speed up digestion.

Next, you will need pineapple juice 1 and ½ cup, with breakfast. You could dilute the juice or replace it with water. Because the of a lot of antioxidants, the pineapple juice will improve the work of the respiratory organs.

Few hours before launch have a glass of fresh organic carrot juice. Due to the large portions of beta carotene, carrots are great to juice for the respiratory health.


Before going to bed have 340 ml cranberry juice to fight bad bacteria that infects the lungs. Cranberries are amazing when it comes to health aid. They are full of antioxidants and they actually cleaned the urine and blood from bacterias.

Repeat this process for three days and after the third day, the result will simply amaze you.

The body is toxin free, and all the water and toxins and fat are eliminated leaving your lungs and other organs clean.

Source: organic health universe

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