Cleanse Your Liver and Lose Weight in Just 72 Hours with This Incredible Drink

Try out this amazing recipe to lose weight quickly and effectively and pretty much effortless!

When your body is not detoxified properly, your liver tends to stop functioning properly. The result is that the weight loss process tends to slow down a lot and you keep on gaining weight instead of losing it no matter what you do.

What is concerning is that people are not aware that the liver is crucial for this problem and tend to ignore this issue, therefore, contribute the slow weight loss to other factors. The main reason, however, is this one in almost all of the cases.

If you are one of these people in denial, try this recipe and in three days you will gain a healthy and properly functional liver:

You need:


• 3 lemons
• 1 cup of chopped parsley
• 6 cups of water
• 5 stalks of celery


Put the lemon juice, parsley, and celery in the blender and blend them all together. Then add the water and blend again. Drink 2 glasses of this mixture three times a day before every meal, while hungry. Repeat the procedure for the next two days. Pause for a week and repeat these steps again.

Source: Healthy Food Team | Energy Healthy Food

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