If You Can’t Remove Your Belly And You’re Already 45 Years Old, You Should Try This

Losing weight is not an easy task, especially if you pass the third decade of your life. As we age the metabolism gets slower and the body needs more time to process the food leading to weight gain. However losing weight in this age is not impossible.

In this age it is not only the food that causes you gain weight it is also the life decisions that you have to make while taking care of your children. This process can be very stressful and that can be an key factor of gaining pounds.

Stress causes you to release a hormone called cortisol that is responsible for the fat to be directed to the abdomen and deposited there firmly. Now knowing the problem try to find time for yourself and relax from time to time.

Next thing you can do is drink fasting a tablespoon of olive oil that influences the foods that are ingested therefore preventing fat from being absorbed.

Finally it is very important to stay active. You can do so by taking walks, ride a bicycle or visit the gym at least couple of times a week.

In today’s article we also present to you an natural mixture that will help you in the process of burning fat. It is very simple and you can included in your everyday life.


Ginger root slices, cut thinly
1,5 l water
Lemon juice(optional)


Boil the water, and add the ginger slices. Leave to simmer for 15 minutes, and then remove the pot from heat. Leave the potion to cool off for a bit, and then strain it.

Add some lemon juice to enrich the flavor, and add more nutrients to the drink.

The best time to consume this mixture is in the morning on an empty stomach but you can also consume it during the day if you want.

Source: Healthy Food Choices 365

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